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Rediscover Christmas Event - KIDS COOKIE DECORATING - Nov 25 & 26, 2016


Big Deal Wedding Expo - Our first Wedding Show - A total success!


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Interlake Spectator Article by Catherine Strong


"One of the best things about living in Gimli is being able to go to Sugar me Cookie Boutique. Everything I have ever had (and I have had alot) is sooo delicious. The butter tart I bought was gone before I even got out the door. One of my favorite things are her specialty donuts. Best donuts EVER!! The food is delicious but almost better then the baked goods is the service. If you are coming to Gimli it is a must to stop in. You will not regret it."


Lisa R.



"I stopped in at the Bakery on Friday while getting something near Gimli and picked up a Pecan Pie. Pecan Pie is my favourite baking of all time and I have tasted it in many places. This was the best pecan pie I have ever had! ever!"


Dale C.



"What a lovely place! Not only was I blown away by the high quality, tasty treats, I was blessed to see the passion Carrie has for what she does and for her customers! Way to go! PS. Those Gluten Free cupcakes are out of his world!! (I should say ... 'were')"


Alina S.



"Hands down is the best place to get sweets! It doesn't matter how busy it is in the store the staff always welcomes you with a smile and acknowledges you. I never leave this place empty handed."


Frank R.



"Thank you for making the yummy cookies - they were a huge success!"


Cindy M. (I.S.T-Interlake Snow Trackers)




"The definition of pure of Carrie's amazing desserts!"


Katherine M.




"A favorite treat in our home is Carrie's delicious vinetarte! My children and grandchildren look forward to it as a favorite dessert at all our family get-togethers. Carrie's layers are absolutely perfect which makes it also very impressive in presentation. It freezes well and cuts easily while frozen; so it's the perfect dessert to fall back on when I get a surprise visitor ! It also makes a great gift at Christmas or other occasions. I often give a half or even a quarter of one along with their card as i find it's the perfect gift for just about anyone."


Cheryl A.



"Anything that comes from Carrie's kitchen is delightful. Her sugar cookie arrangements are not only delicious but so personalized and professional. It was the talk at my party. And her vinatarta cake is to die for!"


Debbie B.




"So for those people who have seen the Edmonton Oiler Cookies and the Curling Rock Cookies on Carrie's FaceBook page I ordered them and only gave her 24 hour notice for what I wanted!!! I told her that I needed something to give some friends "who had everything".  All I had to tell her were a few things about their "likes" and she created those cookies. They were a HUGE HIT! So much so, that the "Rocks" went to a very well known curling team. She also made me a Vinarterta which was so delicious. I highly recommend Carrie. To anyone wishing for something Creative to have for any party or event they are planning or just for personal gifts. She is one AMAZING Baker (and woman)."


Mona J.




"Carrie makes the most amazing vinetarta!!! My family loved it at Xmas! I even had her make me a small one for my daughters birthday. I will never buy from anyone else now!!! Keep up the amazing work Carrie."


Trudy B.



"I've tried a few of the amazing treats that Carrie creates. Our family loves the sugar cookies, my son especially. So, for valentine's day I ordered cookies for his junior kindergarten class. They were beautiful! Each had a unique & colourful design and the kids loved them. I've also had the blueberry pie, and it was incredible. It was so full of flavour, with a perfect crust. The vineterta is the very best I've tasted, (both the prune, and the apricot) and it looks just as amazing. The layers are perfect! I'm always proud to serve it!"


Kristen L.

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